Whether you’re a fledgling writer with big ideas to share or a busy student looking to enhance your writing presence, I can help.

I offer a range of services to help your writing take flight – professional writing, editing, and tutoring services. As a English professor/high school teacher who specializes in writing instruction, I can help you write clearer, enhance your creativity, and coach you through that English class or final writing assignment, website content, cover letter, resume, thesis, or college entry essay.


I can copyedit your work – improving errors with grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation; suggesting changes to sentence structure and word choice, ensuring your language is clear, fluid, and pleasurable to read; and ensuring consistency. 


I can write your blog post or your company’s website content.

You provide the resources—research on the topic, detailed information, videos, samples, etc.—and I’ll write the content.

Alternatively, I can conduct the research myself, provided I have a clear understanding of the direction and content matter.


I can meet with you one-on-one online tutoring via Zoom or Google Meet for 9th grade and up. I can help with crafting a specific writing assignment, SAT/ACT essays, understanding the prompt, brainstorming ideas, as well as reading comprehension.